Join the Festival!

Join the Festival!

Join the Festival!

Join the Festival!

Art Tour to Armenia Autumn 2024

02.10.2024 — 12.10.2024

Plein-airs and workshops in Armenia by watercolor painter Michael Solovyov (Canada)

Art Tour to Armenia and Georgia 2024

05.01.2024 — 12.01.2024

Plain Airs & Workshops in Armenia and Georgia

Nature is a wonderful art teacher

Photos from Arvesta Art Programs in Armenia

Ara Mushegyan

Founder of the Arvesta project, artist-jeweler, art expert.

Ruben Enfedgian

Honored Artist of Armenia, member of the Union of Artists, participant of international exhibitions.

Garnik Mirzoyan

Adeeply erudite guide, specialist in the history and culture of Armenia and an outstanding storyteller.

We invite you to cooperate in organizing joint art programs in Armenia

Arvesta will provide everything necessary for organizing and conducting such programs, — accommodation, meals, transfers, tickets, logistics, excursions, meetings with interesting people, master classes, plein airs, workshops, conferences and other events.

  • Art university teachers
  • Heads of art studios and art workshops
  • Course uathors and teachers in painting, drawing, design, calligraphy, photography, choreography
  • Leaders of art student groups, formal and informal art communities
  • Artists, photographers, designers, musicians
  • Anyone who is interested in running art programs or festivals in Armenia.

The visa-free regime is valid for more than 100 countries, including Europe, the USA, Great Britain, etc. You will find detailed information on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia.

Regular flights to Armenia are carried out on a regular basis from many countries of the world.

It is enough to present a certificate confirming a negative result of a PCR test carried out no later than 72 hours before entry,⁣⁣ or a certificate confirming a full vaccination.